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The National Wild Turkey Federation’s (NWTF) Women in the Outdoors (WITO) program provides unique opportunities for women to learn new skills, meet people with similar interests, and obtain a greater appreciation of the outdoor world. We need volunteers to plan and organize an event for 2019 or 2020. Leadership is open to anyone male or female over the age of 18. The planned event will be open to women ages 14 and older (minors must be accompanied by an adult 18 years of age or older) who want to gain hands-on experience and develop skills through outdoor activities, all in a fun and non-threatening environment. Our event takes place at the Camatta Ranch outside Santa Margarita, Ca.

Volunteer by contacting zski71@gmail.com or mmmoore8@gmail.com


Classes may include:

Beginning Archery – This is an intro archery class where you will learn the basics of archery such as equipment, form and safety. You will be shooting at target bales and then some novelty targets. You will have fun may even have found a new hobby.

Bow Hunting – This class is for those who would like to take their archery to the next level. This class will cover equipment such as bows, sights, releases and arrows. The use of a ground blind or a tree stand and how to gauge distances. There will be 3-D targets as a guide for proper shot placement. You may bring your own bow and arrows (field points only) Equipment must be checked for safety.

Black Powder – This class will cover the basics of black powder shooting. Instruction on safety, handling, parts of the muzzle loading rifle and of course shooting. Feel like you stepped back into the old west and get a feel of history through your firearm!

Clay Target Shoot – Learn how to safely handle a shotgun while shooting clay pigeons. Train your eyes to focus on the “Leading Edge” to improve your shooting ability. One box of 12 or 20 gauge shells will be provided per shooter. Limited number of shotguns are available for your use or you may bring your own. You may also bring additional shells.

Dutch Oven Cooking – Enjoy “quick and easy” cooking over an open fire using wood coals or briquettes in Dutch Ovens. Learn tips and techniques that you can use to impress your friends at home, then sit back and enjoy the fruits of your labor.

Field Dressing and Processing – From harvest to freezer, learn to cut, wrap and store your game after the hunt or just animals you have raised yourself. This is a hands on class and not for the squeamish.

Handguns – This is a basic pistol class that will cover handgun safety and use. Bring your own gun and ammo (no reloads). Firearms will be inspected for safety. A limited number of pistols will be available for use.

Personal Protection Handgun – This is a more advanced pistol class that covers personal protection in the home. Bring your own pistol and ammo. Firearms will be inspected for safety.

Defensive Shotgun and Handgun– course will cover marksmanship fundamentals, gun handling and tactics to properly use your shotgun and handgun as a home defense weapon. Handgun and ammo will be provided. Bring your own shotgun and ammo.

Tracking and Trapping and Hunting – Learn the basics of tracking and trapping fur animals and varmints. Track identification, trailing and trapping of animals for removal will be covered. How to hunt game and proper shot placement will be covered.

Urban/Outdoor Survival – As we venture into more outdoor activities running, biking or hiking we need to be aware and prepared. This is a self-defense class and will cover avoiding physical attacks and will teach body grab escapes.

Leather Working – Create a take home project and acquire skills by using basic leather tools and maybe take up a new hobby.

Orienteering and Survival Skills– Practical application in the field of using a compass and GPS to find a location. Learn and apply new skills to do a geocaching scavenger hunt. Learn basic survival skills in case of an emergency.

Shotgun Maintenance – Basic shotgun maintenance and mechanics. Learn proper cleaning and breakdown and how to clean and take care of your firearm in the field. Gunsmithing questions and answers will be covered. Bring your own shotgun or clean your rifle following the pheasant class or clay target class. Guns will be inspected for safety.

Pheasant HuntMust have Hunting License and Upland Game Validation. Must provide your own shotgun. You will be provided 4-6 shells and the opportunity to hunt pheasant and watch trained bird dogs work a field to flush and retrieve birds.

Hunter Safety Certification – With class sign up you must complete the on-line course prior to attending. The hands on practical class is a four hour class with written final test. Successful passing of class and test will earn you your hunter safety certificate. Additional information to come after registration.

Plein Air Painting– Painting in the outdoors. Let your inner artist come out. A
paint-n-take class.

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