Big Turkey Hunting Mistakes

//Big Turkey Hunting Mistakes

Big Turkey Hunting Mistakes

After many years for turkey hunting you recognize a pattern of mistakes that has cost you more than a few birds. Here we share with you five of those.

  1. Calling too loud. Turkeys have exceptional hearing and can hear very soft calls at 100’s of yards. Calling too loud implies to the gobbler that you are closer and he may “hang up” because of loud calling.
  2. Sneaking in on a gobbler. This is not only a mistake but it can be dangerous. Your movement and calling could draw a shot in your direction from a careless hunter. Turkey’s have such great eyesight that chances are good that they’ll see you before you ever get within gun range.
  3. Moving your head or hands shortly after calling. Turkeys locate the area of a call to within feet and if you got their attention with your call, they’ll be inspecting the area with their 10x vision. Move and your busted!
  4. Not making a soft call before leaving your set up. I can’t count the number of times I decided to move and when I stood up to gather my equipment I was greeted with the alarm putts of a gobbler within gun range moving out. I have killed many nice gobblers that have come in quietly by making a few clucks and purrs before getting up.
  5. Calling with your gun out of position. Surprise! There’s a hot gobbler responding and your gun is leaning up on the tree or even out of reach. We all have had gobblers come in so fast that if your gun wasn’t at least in your lap you would have little chance of taking a suicidal gobbler.

Be safe out there and enjoy the outdoors and your opportunity to be in the woods. A successful hunt is a matter of degrees. First degree is being in the woods. Second degree is hearing a gobbler. Third degree is seeing a gobbler. Fourth degree is getting a gobbler within range. The fifth degree is harvesting a gobbler – no matter how big.