Ten Items Not to Forget When You Go Hunting

//Ten Items Not to Forget When You Go Hunting

Ten Items Not to Forget When You Go Hunting

I know some of these are a no brainer, but I think in my years of hunting I managed to leave home without every one of these items.

  1. Shotgun and shells – we really like the Heavy Shot products. Great knockdown power and range and legal everywhere. Try Heavy Metal on your next hunt (www.hevishot.com).
  2. Your license and tags – this especially applies to fishing trips!
  3. Waterproof boots – nothing is more uncomfortable than wet feet.
  4. Sharp knife and plastic bags for skinning your game and clean storage. Try a Z-Blade disposable scalpel for super easy skinning an capping of your turkey (www.pfimold.com/z-blade.html). Don’t forget an ice chest either.
  5. A camera – cell phones do a great job of satisfying this item, but a good camera is hard to beat.
  6. Water and trail snacks sufficient for all day and maybe some emergency supplies.
  7. Bug repellant – turkeys love bugs and you’ll find them together. Nothing ruins a hunt faster than a pesky mosquito or ants making you move.
  8. A water proof turkey call – mouth diaphragms are great, but if you can’t blow one then use a glass pot call with an acrylic striker or a box call in a bread bag or similar plastic bag. (An old tip from Master turkey caller Ben Lee).
  9. A flashlight or headlamp – bicycle type headlamps free up your hands for stability when walking and tasks like skinning game.
  10. Finally – let’s not get lost out there – a good map of the area gives you the big picture, a GPS and/or cell phone can help you get home if you have service.

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